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Pictures of birds

Gia sas!! I’m JO, one of the three French volonteers working on the wetland of Agras Vrita Nisi. I would like to show you some pictures of birds that I have taken in the wetland. I took these pictures with the technic call “digiscopie” with a telescope Kite Sp-ed 80 30X and a camera coolpix5100. […]


Λιγες φωτογραφιες απο πουλια A few birds pictures


Here is a short introduction about some important birds seen on the Agras wetland on the beginning of August 2008. Do notice the discovery of Porzana parva, observed a few times from the Agios Iorgos observatory, feeding on some emerged algae zones. Several sights of Nyticorax nyticorax have been caught by morning and evening on […]