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Ta leme

I’m leaving with an insistent nostalgic memory. Is

new camera…news pictures….

hello, since 2 week, I have buy a new camera: canon 450D and 100-400 IS usm canon. So, now it’s not the same game that “digiscopie”!! it’s more difficult for see the bird closed but the results are so better…. JO

birds pictures continuation

Gia sas So, that is the continuation of my bird’s pictures take in the wetland always with digiscopie system (Kite sp ed 80 and coolpix p5100) There is too a picture of one place where I am hid for take this picture next to the channel.

The project on images

Ti kanis ? It’s again Jo, I put there some pictures to allow you to discover more the place, the volunteers and have a better vision on this project…. Back from the open air market of Edessa

Pictures of birds

Gia sas!! I’m JO, one of the three French volonteers working on the wetland of Agras Vrita Nisi. I would like to show you some pictures of birds that I have taken in the wetland. I took these pictures with the technic call “digiscopie” with a telescope Kite Sp-ed 80 30X and a camera coolpix5100. […]


Λιγες φωτογραφιες απο πουλια A few birds pictures