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Birds in the wetland of Agras

The other day I had to do “birdmonitoring” alone. Normally it is not like this and it is good to do accompanied. Other people may see or hear something that you don’t see or hear in that moment. And of course, it is more pleasant. By other side because of you don’t talk with anybody […]

number of species: 158

During this project we discover some news species of birds which were not on the list “LIFE” realized for the project Natura 2000. Since the beginning we has discovered 58 species in more, so now the number of species is: 158. The wetland is not really big, it’s correct number!….. This list is not finish […]

Migration and news species

News species…. Gia sas Time of migration has arrived, it’s not already the best but we can see some changes among our friends the birds. So, all the Ixobrynchus minutus have left as well as the Oriolus oriolus and the Merops apiaster. The swallows are less and less here and we can see some news […]