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Good bye and good luck !

Since a couple of days we live alone with Lucile in our big house of Vryta. All the boys leave the house siga siga with the end of their EVS. Ali, the last volunteers who was staying with us, left at the beginning of the month. Each of them was quite nice and it was […]

News volunteers, Lucile and Caroline

Eirini said us that two new French volunteer will go Gialova will come to here the last weekend of march. We will be 6 volunteer. On first of april, Nestor (Greek volunteer) left the house and he went to Thessaloniki. On the same day Eirini wanted us to cleaning house for girls. We cleaned to […]

Carnaval of Edessa

We knew that Edessa have big carnaval at 25 February. My greek friends sait me that this carnaval will be very good. We have seen preparations of carnival 10 days ago. We wake up early on carnaval day. Eirini come for take us. After breakfast we started go to Edessa. Our frien Sufi (She’s came […]

Good people, Good Seminer, in Athens…

Eirini give information before about Seminar that we will go in Athens. And finally The seminar day come on 13 February we wake up early. After one short prepation, we went to Edessa by taxi. Eirini met us there. With her we buyied ticket  for 08.00 o’clock bus. We came to Athens bus station after […]

New activities in Edessa !

New activities in Edessa ! This month Axelle and I had good times in Edessa. We met the director of the high-school of Edessa, and he invite us to assist to some lessons with the teenagers. So we accept the offer with enthusiasm ! Few days after we’ve been there and we join different classes […]

The first Greek volunteers !

Hi, my name is Vasilis and I am 28. I am from Ptolemaida but the last 3 years I lived in Thessaloniki. I am a Greek volunteer of H.O.S for about 1 and a half year in the Thessaloniki team. I always liked the animals but I never thought that I get so much involved […]

Here we are!

I’m Evelina, a 22 years-old girl from Milano, Italy. I came here thanks to EVS programme, making volunteering for the HOS, the Hellenic Ornithological Society, and I will stay here during six months, so, until the end of February! I arrived to Greece last Monday.. It’s a week that I’m here, and I already experienced […]

Volunteers’ visit

Waow ! Hey everybody ! On the move again ? Yeaaaaaah, excellent ! One week ago we had the pleasure to host 7 volunteers from all over Greece : 2 French girls from Crete, 3 Serbian and a French from Larissa, a Lettonian girl from Thessaloniki. This week-end was great, full of crazyness and tenderness. […]

The project on images

Ti kanis ? It’s again Jo, I put there some pictures to allow you to discover more the place, the volunteers and have a better vision on this project…. Back from the open air market of Edessa