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After waiting so long I could finally see the snow covering our little village of Vrita!!! Beautiful moment, we wake up early Carine and me, at 5 o’clock in the morning, for our holidays, and we were surprised by the snow falling everywhere. It seems that it’s snowing in all Greece, even in Athens, where […]

Big Changes………from Gialova to Vrita

So…………after 4 months of my EVS being spent in Gialova I am now here in Vrita, a place of many contrasts but of equal beauty! The Gialova project was an amazing experience which gave me many great memories that i will never forget.  4 months spent camping near the beach, a sea to swim in […]

snow in the montain

hello, since one week there is snow around Vrita, at 700-800 meters of altitude, but we could not see because there was a lot of fog. Today the weather is really better, and we see the snow…..

Life in Vrita

At the beginning of this August month, some great events happened again in Vrita. Here and now is the peaches season. There is a lot of fruits everywhere around and the people from the village offers some to us regularly. That’s really welcome because it’s still very hot down there and we need energy to […]