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A studio from the Harvard class working on landscape architecture came in the area to make a project on development, in cooperation with the municipality of Edessa,and in order to help the economy, based on eco-tourism or on nature in its general meaning. In one week they have visited Voras mountains, the ski center, Ag. […]

Walking, observing, learning, living..and all in Agras Wetland

August and September were busy. In Agras-wetland, searching all alive being in order to enjoy with wild life. Gymnosperms make a nuts… or the Buteo buteo, to alighted on the top to one tree. Or a lizard with all her body green bright colour, with a brown tail. Sorry for to be little professional, but […]

Paseando, observando, aprendiendo, viviendo… y todo en Agras-wetland!!

El mes de Agosto y Septiembre han sido ajetreadillos. En las tierras de Agras-wetland buscando todo ser viviente para disfrutar de la vida salvaje. Las gimnospermas hacen unas nueces!! O los buteos que están posados en la copa de un melocotonero. O de un lagarto con el todo el cuerpo de color verde brillante con […]

My experience in Agras

Hi again. It have spended 20 days and I have done a lot of things.. I haven’t still any moment. I am here for this motive, for to make good use my time, counting other things, I want to do interested things. I was with Axelle, in Athens seminary. There met the others volunteers. They […]

My experience in Agras-Nisi-Vritta

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ramón. I am 23 years old. I am born in Menorca, but since I were 3 years old, I have lived in Mallorca. I am studying my third academic year in the University from Balearic Island (Spain). Always I have like me connect with the nature, go […]

Reflections collecting garbage in the wetland

Today as soon as we opened the info center we started as usual with our first morning task: cleaning the rubbish that people passing by along the national road leave around our building (in the parking area or in the back yard, by the lake of the wetland). It is frustrating for all of us […]

Even the best ones must leave…

Beginning by this title the ones who know me can guess that this pride is coming from nobody else than Jonatharzan. Tchou tchou !!! So yeah, my time has come, “my” house has been invaded by new volunteers storing the flour with the sugar (Jo and Polo already know that, as a good maniac, I […]

The project on images

Ti kanis ? It’s again Jo, I put there some pictures to allow you to discover more the place, the volunteers and have a better vision on this project…. Back from the open air market of Edessa